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Friday, February 11, 2005

New York Private Investigator

The other day I had the pleasure of appearing in Family Court as a witness against a dead beat dad who refused to pay child support because he had been claiming that he wasn't working. To his surprise and dismay a recent surveillance resulting in pics and video of this same dead beat dad did in fact show him working. I didn't have to testify. Simply my appearance there as an ace in the whole for the mother, jump started the dead beat dad's memory to change his testimony to "he is working." Amazing what a few pics and video will do. :)

Last evening I sent out 2 letters. One was a thank you note to a client who had used my services to screen a Nanny that he had hired through Active Premier, a NYS Licensed and Bonded Employment Agency who deals with high end clients.

The other letter I sent out was to a potential client who is currently residing in an upstate NYS Correctional Facility. He is interested in retaining me in hope of gaining information for an appeal.

Just an ironic twist of how different people (clients) end of with different lives.

Monday, February 07, 2005

New York Private Investigator

Just started this blog on 7FEB05. Keep posted for the latest news in the field of investigative services as well as thoughts in the realm of the life of a Private Investigator.